How to contribute to protecting the environment: a simple guide

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Hey guys! So I’m trying to keep up with this “trend” that’s going on around my favorite sites about the environment. It all started with a site called Tall Blonde Tales (see site here) with this post. So, here are three easy ways to help you contribute to protecting the environment! ✌

  1. Ditch plastic bottles. I know it can be hard to find your favorite drinks in glass or metal bottles, but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a glass or metal bottle that has your favorite drink!
  2. Use less plastic. This may surprise you, but plastic is in almost everything in your day. Some food trays contain plastic, cheap jewelry is made of plastic, plastic cups are made of plastic, some scissors are made of plastic, and every other item that contains plastic! So how do you prevent plastic while sticking to your day? Well, use a reusable bottle, wear jewelry from a jewelry store, find scissors online without plastic, and ditch the food trays and switch to glass plates.
  3. Finally, don’t keep your electricity and water on for a long time. Turn off your Wi-Fi after 10:00 PM at least.

And that’s it! Hope these tips will help you make a good impact on the environment! See you!

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Emerging blogger who founded Uniquely, IdeaGirl101, and Katia Was A Foodie.

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