11 Things To Never Do Before, During, And After Making Your Site

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So I’d like to kick this off like any blogger would; not just rush to the list like 100% of bad bloggers would. I like to start with a little clarity. So on this blog post we’re going to be covering the dos and don’ts of a blog.

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1- Avoid begging for viewers, likes, e-mail followers, and/or comments. These come naturally from your site visitors, and you shouldn’t force them to do something your visitors might not want to do.

2- Make quality content for your visitors. Remember, your content has to be related to your thumbnail in some way.

3- Don’t post stuff that you think might be shocking to our viewers. For more information we strongly advise you to check out our Blog Guidelines. (

4- Make sure that your blog post looks good everywhere. If a company wants to put your site in a billboard, it has to be stunning on a phone. If your friend wants to view your site on a desktop, make sure it stands out on the big screen, too. And if you’re viewing sites on a medium tablet screen like I am, make sure it fits perfectly on the tablet screen. And a smartwatch-am I going too far? If you’re viewing your site on a roller coaster the size of a watch band, make sure it’s compressed just a bit so your site can be viewable on every device.

5- Don’t clickbait. Clickbaiting is one of the worst ways you can attract visitors to your site.

6- The template of your site has to be just right and perfect for your -and your site visitors’ taste.

7- Listen to your audience. It’s always good to know that the site creators have their ears open for their visitors!

8- If you add enough details to your site, like an account service, or a special, one-of-a-kind service like Uniquely Trophy (, people are more likely to click on that page rather than a plain blog with no special features.

9- If you have a WordPress blog, share your thoughts and ideas with others using the Reader. This was an extremely helpful feature for me to discover sites that I liked, liked others’ blog posts, and tried my hand at commenting on a few.

10- Create effective marketing tools. Try banner ads, posters, site merchandise, e-mail campaigns, and more-whatever suits you best for the marketing road.

11- Don’t fill your posts with long sentences and clutter like Cash Money Booster does. His spam and filler content make the reading experience very bad for users.

Thanks for reading our post. We don’t have many site visitors yet, so we’re glad you clicked on this. Also, you can consider checking out IdeaGirl101:

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