A few more ways to oof yourself in Roblox!

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Yup. You oofed yourself once. Time to do this again.

  1. Being weird enough to blow yourself up.
  2. Not surviving anything in Natural Disaster Survival.
  3. Getting trapped.
  4. Saying something only to find it became censored.
  5. Leaving traces of nasty food near your friend.
  6. Someone not accepting your friend request.
  7. Not pass the easiest stage in an obby.
  8. Writing this blog post.
  9. Getting your phone burnt.

This post will be updated to be more definitive.


Ways to Oof yourself in Roblox


Hi! Today I’m introducing some ways to get oofed in Roblox.

  1. Reset your character.
  2. Be AFK.
  3. Not know how to ride the in-game cars.
  4. Get crushed.
  5. Be bad at an obby.
  6. Get pushed by someone in an obby.
  7. Get pushed off the map.
  8. Jump off the map.
  9. Jump off the map on purpose.
  10. Get burnt.
  11. Eat the wrong food.
  12. Drink the wrong drink.
  13. Eat/drink something you’re not supposed to.
  14. Get kicked.
  15. Get kicked for no reason.
  16. Get banned from the game.
  17. Get banned from the game for no reason.
  18. Get banhammered on Roblox.
  19. Be a noob.
  20. Be a pro.
  21. Be a hacker.
  22. Have no Robux.
  23. Insult a noob.
  24. Insult a pro.
  25. Challenge a pro.
  26. Spawn too many noobs.
  27. Run too fast.
  28. Sprint off the map.
  29. Entering restricted doors.
  30. Stealing someone’s stuff.
  31. Stealing someone’s Robux.
  32. Get attacked by zombies.
  33. Jump too much.
  34. Jump on spikes.
  35. Crash into someone.
  36. Crash into someone’s place.

That’s a wrap! Have you experienced any other ways to die in Roblox? Tell me in the comments! Also my birthday was yesterday so happy b-day to me! Bye for now, and see you next week!


The Alexa Answers community and the Amazon Forums need to be checked out.

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Recently, people have been posting unhelpful answers on a forum service called Amazon Digital And Device Forum, or Amazon Forum for short. People have also been putting downvotes on my Alexa Answers profile on answers that make sense. This is starting to ruin my Alexa Answers career, and could possibly destroy it.

I’ll show you some screenshots.

The “not helpful” message.

How to contribute to protecting the environment: a simple guide

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Hey guys! So I’m trying to keep up with this “trend” that’s going on around my favorite sites about the environment. It all started with a site called Tall Blonde Tales (see site here) with this post. So, here are three easy ways to help you contribute to protecting the environment! ✌

  1. Ditch plastic bottles. I know it can be hard to find your favorite drinks in glass or metal bottles, but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find a glass or metal bottle that has your favorite drink!
  2. Use less plastic. This may surprise you, but plastic is in almost everything in your day. Some food trays contain plastic, cheap jewelry is made of plastic, plastic cups are made of plastic, some scissors are made of plastic, and every other item that contains plastic! So how do you prevent plastic while sticking to your day? Well, use a reusable bottle, wear jewelry from a jewelry store, find scissors online without plastic, and ditch the food trays and switch to glass plates.
  3. Finally, don’t keep your electricity and water on for a long time. Turn off your Wi-Fi after 10:00 PM at least.

And that’s it! Hope these tips will help you make a good impact on the environment! See you!


Our First Post In 2021 – Infinite Fun!

Ringing in the New Year has never been so great for Uniquely.

Happy New Year! I know I’m late to make a blog post about this, but I’ve been focusing on Alexa skills lately. If you don’t know what Alexa skills are, you create them with a Skill Blueprint. Each Skill Blueprint is different and unique. There are 70 Skill Blueprints in the Alexa app, though more are thought to come. Skill Blueprints are organized into a few categories*: Featured, At Home, Learn, FreeTime**, Fun, Stories, Greetings, and Orgs. *This list may not include all categories. **Amazon Kids, or formerly FreeTime, is a feature that allows parents to personalize their kids’ experience with their Amazon device.

Here are some Skill Blueprints, organized by category:


  • Flashcards
  • Quiz
  • Story Quiz
  • Listening Quiz
  • School Schedule


  • Inspirations
  • Trivia
  • Family Trivia
  • Birthday Trivia
  • Bachelorette Game
  • My Sidekick/Bestie
  • First Letter
  • What To Do
  • Santa’s Letter/My Santa Letter
  • Countdown
  • Five Item Rush/Name Five
  • Doubles Trouble
  • My Burns
  • Fortune Teller
  • Yes No Maybe
  • Family Jokes
  • Compliments
  • Three Word Sort
  • World’s Best Dad
  • World’s Best Mom
  • Game Show
  • Dad Jokes


  • Flash Briefing
  • Spiritual Talks
  • Blog
  • University


  • Kids Fortune Teller
  • Beach Vacation
  • Mountain Vacation
  • Sorting Game Beginner
  • Sorting Game Expert
  • Wild Workout
  • The Spelling Bee
  • The Sea Princess
  • Moon Landing
  • Fun Park Vacation
  • City Vacation

At Home:

  • Task Tracker
  • Chore Chart
  • Roommate
  • Houseguest
  • Pet Sitter
  • Babysitter
  • How Many Days
  • Whose Turn
  • Personal Trainer
  • Custom Q&A


  • Dad’s Story
  • Mom’s Story
  • Spooky Story
  • Sci-fi
  • Holiday Story
  • Fable
  • Fairy Tale
  • Adventure


  • Father’s Day Greeting
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Birthday Wishes (high quality)
  • Mother’s Day Greeting
  • Celebrate
  • Thinking Of You
  • Holiday Greeting
  • Valentine’s Greeting

You can experience all these Skills at


Blogging Insiders is out!

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Blogging Insiders is now out at! Woo hoo!


Hi from Uniquely-and welcome to the Uniquely Podcast

Welcome to the Uniquely Podcast, hosted on a WordPress blog. We’ll upload new content every week. This will be a half-hour podcast covering Uniquely, some behind-the-scenes facts, what we love to do while we aren’t managing our blogs, and more! Check back every Saturday for more news. We’ll see you on the real first episode.


Early Christmas Gifts!

Post inspired by thedihedral,

Hi guys, I know I’m a little early to get thrown into the Christmas theme, but I just received these “gifts” from a family member. So here’s a quick tour of my paper gifts 📝🎁

  • Cute colouring set I got

  • Christmas tree glitter

  • Wrapping paper

  • Cards

    The Christmas tree


How To Boost Traffic To Your Site

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First, thanks to The Art Of Blogging for following me! 🙂

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I’m trying to keep up with The Art Of Blogging. His site is way better than mine. I’m mentally melting right now. If you’re one of the awesome people who read my post on dos and don’ts of editing your site, you know you shouldn’t beg for sure visitors. So here are ways to naturally attract viewers into visiting your site.

1- Set up an e-mail campaign. I learned this from Wix a few months ago and it’s boosting traffic instantly.

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2- Try linking your site to a social media network. This can assure that anyone can find your site.

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3- Try banner ads. Search online and you might find ad designers that aren’t too shabby.

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4- Set up posters for your site. If you don’t have a printer, get some scissors and pencils and make those posters!

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5- One of the easiest ways you can drive traffic to your site is telling your neighbors, friends, co-workers, anyone you know!

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6- Send random people nearby mail or a text telling them to visit your site.

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7- Set up a talk about your site with friends to encourage them to visit your site.

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8- Set up a podcast. No matter how good your voice sounds, try your hand at podcasting and see how it goes.

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Hello, 10 new blog posts, straight from the store: Celebrating 10 blog posts

On this post, I’m putting all the blocks that seem interesting into one blog post.

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Today, we’re celebrating 10 blog posts. 10 posts, more visitors. 10 posts = 1 badge smelling fresh. 10 posts is subject to more attention in the Reader. 10 posts is more clicks from email campaigns. And here are a few beautiful images for your enjoyment.

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Caught on the picture perfect time.

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When your special someone puts roses in your open book…

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The perfect time for cotton candy clouds, some puffed pop corn, a salad, a sip of water, and the perfect scene. What could go wrong?

What happened to the text?!?!
  • Oh, Timeline! This will be great for this post!

I threw a bunch of blocks in a post in 10 minutes

I’m done here with this post, okay bye see ya in the 20 Milestone Blog Post Party!